5 Tips for Anxiety Relief

health tips wellness Apr 08, 2020

Kids screaming...“MOM, MOM, MOM!”

Phone notifications…”Ding, Buzz, Ding, Buzz”

Relationship demands, Career demands, Self Doubt and NO time for thyself.

These are the daily sounds and thoughts you hear and feel as a working mom. 

In the era of wearing multiple hats, you stretch your ability to feel like you’re succeeding in all areas of your life.  No matter how you divide your time you still feel like you’re failing at something, or with someone or with yourself. 

These feelings compile into stress - actually, distress.  Whether it is mental, physical, or chemical, chronic distress can be extremely destructive.  When you continue to ignore the constant distress of life the hidden stressors can boil up in your body and have a massive explosion.  It will show up differently for everyone but it can show up in the signs of weight gain, allergies, headaches, depression, mood swings, reduced immune system...the list...

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8 Tips to Staying Healthy

health tips Apr 01, 2020

Within minutes your job title became Professional Working Homeschooling Super WoMOM. 

Our entire worlds were turned upside down when my hubby and I received the news our schools were closing through mid April.  There is so much uncertainty and we’re not confident school will go back in session before the next school year! Thinking about the unknown sends chills up my spine and plagues me with a lingering headache. 

I’ve connected with my Super WoMOM community because I know we are all feeling the same - overwhelmed, stressed out, scared, nervous, and encountering random symptoms - aka headaches, craving, anxiety...list goes on. 

The coronavirus is not only affecting you physically but mentally and emotionally. You see the panic, you feel the panic, and are confused and conflicted. 

On a regular day you're dealing with a hectic lifestyle that looks something like ripping the kids outta bed hoping they run out the door with pants,  tripled...

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How Physical Fitness Provides Work Life Balance

health tips Mar 25, 2020

Without exercise it is hard to reach your full physical and MENTAL potential. 


Without exercise it is hard to reach your physical and MENTAL potential. 

Before kids I used exercise as a tool to “maintain” my weight while I was consuming a lot of beer, popcorn and gummy bears. When I became a professional working mom over 10 years ago my first thought was, “Must exercise to lose baby weight.”   After the first week back to work my thought process completely changed, “Must exercise to stay sane!” I needed an outlet to punch the air instead of a co-worker, haha! 

I love having a career. I love the challenge of a career.  I love to have adult conversations on a daily basis. I love adding value to an organization. I love to mentor and coach others. And, as a working mom, exercise has been my saving grace. My mental health and promotions rely on EXERCISE. :)    

In this season of Superbugs &...

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How to Fill Your Grocery Cart for the Coronavirus Apocalypse

health tips Mar 18, 2020


Wrong answer...haha!

When I started taking the Coronavirus Apocalypse seriously, buying several months worth of toilet paper did not cross my mind!  

...You know you’re a Foodie when you rather eat than wipe your booty with the softest toilet paper on the market.  #tmi

What I've learned while becoming certified in health is that high antioxidants fruits and vegetables help to boost the immune system. When I went shopping to "stock up" for the Coronavirus Apocalypse, my cart was 100% proof that I’m a veggie freak. 

My cart was not piled with toilet paper, wipes, bleach, or hand sanitizer. It was jammed packed with super high dense nutritious whole foods which I planned to use as natural weapons to protect my family. My primary purpose was to fill the cart with foods which are super high in nutritional value while having a long shelf life...just in case there is a major state wide shut down - yikes.  

My Coronavirus Apocalypse...

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