2 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Ditching the stubborn weight is a daunting task. You barely feel like you have time to fix your hair in the morning let alone meal prep and squeeze in a gym session.

In working with hundreds of clients on improving gut health for weight loss, I see a common denominator for the women who have long term success.  

1)     They get in a groove and stick with it

2)     Their healthy habits are non-negotiable

How to Get Your Groove On and Stick With It

You know you’re ready to focus on improving your gut health for weight loss when you light up about preparing and following through the protocol tasks. You don't feel pressure from outside sources. You only feel a strong inner desire because it’s what you want instead of being driven by trends, society, parents, etc.

Tips for sticking with it:

  • Diet: Eat the right types of food for your body and eliminate your food sensitivities for 90 days 
  • Rest: Core hours of rest are from 10pm-2am. If you really need to watch the reality show make sure you’re lights out at 9:45pm and wake up at 2am to catch the rest of the episode :) 
  • Exercise: Start by committing to 1 activity you LOVE 4 days a week. Being active and moving the body is better than living your life in front of a screen. Heck, dance the night away karaoking.
  • Stress Management: Rid the mindset of “I need to do it all.” That’s a false sense of reality that NO ONE lives up to. Focus on the items which light you up and delegate the rest. If you say, “that’s not possible,” you’re allowing excuses to come in between you and your health.

Feeling Good Has Non-Negotiables

Sure, my clients who make big changes the first few weeks of working together get great results but so do my clients who start off by making ONE change.

Through my diagnostic testing services my client Angie found out she had a severe gluten sensitivity. She focused on removing gluten and it’s cross reactions for weeks and BAM, just like that her long term chronic symptoms were reduced. Starting anything new can be overwhelming and may paralyze you. Choose ONE thing and make it non-negotiable.

Real, long-term weight loss happens when you change both what you EAT and what you DO. Those crazy diet trends only address one part of the problem, and it’s only a temporary fix.

Diets are for DIE-Ting, try these non-negotiables instead.

Non-negotiable Tips:

  • Start small, with ONE thing
  • Say yes to more vegetables at dinner and fewer sweets before bed
  • Add one activity in your day; a conference call walk & talk, an after school dance party
  • Drink 12 oz water before your coffee / caffeine routine
  • Get tested. Diagnostic testing will help you uncover your internal hidden stressors, keeping you stuck in the weight management roller coaster. Tests include GI Map, Food Sensitivity, Metabolic Diet Typing, Sex/Stress Hormone, and Gut Integrity.  

My passion is to help you fix your gut to lose the weight. Schedule a Gutsy Weight Loss strategy call with me today so that you can start feeling good. Schedule your session here->GUTSY

Be Gutsy as a Mother,


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