How To Stay Consistent To Your Wellness

A hopeful day is waking up feeling happy and empowered to crush it.

Reality is rolling out of bed, looking at your phone and seeing a string of emails from corporate, teachers, and coaches. Your brain immediately goes from SuperWoMOM to tireMOM. 

The next thing you know your day is triple booked with meetings and kid activities. Yet again, you end the day derailed from your wellness goals. 

You must give yourself permission to practice self-care to have a fulfilling life. Engaging in regular, high quality self-care is crucial; it has a positive ripple effect on our personal and professional success. Consider self-care as a high-leverage business tool, a tool which will help you climb the goal ladder. 

Participation in self-care will ebb and flow. The areas of your life that need balance will shift and the ways you want to fill those needs will change as well. How self-care looks in your life may change drastically from one chapter to the next, but it’s important that the routine – and the consistent effort of caring for yourself – is always present. 

Stay consistent by:

  • Giving yourself a gut check: take time each week to check in with yourself and identify which areas need support. 
  • Allowing yourself time for physical activities. Walk, hike, run - get moving!  
  • Booking these activities like a meeting, because it’s just as important.
  • Finding an accountability partner who will call you out on your BS. 
  • Empowering the people you care for to take care of themselves! #theycanwipe :) 
  • Being present during self-care rituals - NO triple-tasking
  • Starting small because small things build mountains! 

The final piece is never letting your mind get in the way of your body.  Your body is ready.  Allow yourself the time and space to practice self-care without negative emotions weighing you down.  You and those around you will reap the benefits!

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