5 Reasons Why Working Mom's Can't Lose Wight & How to Fix It


Holiday Survival Checklist

The holiday season can literally take the spirits right out of you. Between the end of the year career chaos, secret Santa gifts, holiday recitals and parties, you can be left wearing Santa's pants and feeling drained. 

Avoid the holiday beat down with this Holiday Survival Checklist.

 Gathering Survival Tips

1.  Plan Ahead

  • Know what is being served
  • Offer to bring a healthy option
  • Pack a healthy snack
  • Don’t show up hungry 

2.  Hydrate

  • Drink water daily. Each morning drink 12 oz. of water before coffee. Sip on warm water throughout the day 

3.  Say No

  • Practice the 80/20 Rule 

4.  Taste

  • Check in with yourself. Would self-care be more appropriate than food?
  • Ask for healthy options
  • Slow down & enjoy each bite
  • Savor the moment – It’s about the conversations 

5.  De-Bloat & Re-Set

  • Drink elixir - AM
  • Drink chlorophyll drink - Evening
  • Move body - Daily 

Motto: “I deserve to enjoy celebrating...

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Why having a Vision is Important

goals mindset Apr 29, 2020

WARNING - video contains inappropriate mom language! :) 

5 simple tips on creating a clear vision:

  1. Think BIG - real big, where you're too scared to start.  If your mission doesn't require the feeling of being uncomfortable than your vision is too small.
  2. Make it positive - stop thinking about the "risks" or the "fails." Think about what your life will look like after you follow through. 
  3. Don't ask "How?" just dream - pretend you're sipping on gin & juice on the beach. You're in lala land and you allow your mind to drift.  I get excited for you thinking about it! 
  4. MAKE IT REAL by writing it out. There's something about pen to paper which makes you commit. 
  5. Shout it out! Make it real by sharing it with someone you love. 

Your #1 Working Mom Fan!


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What's the Purpose of Having a Purpose

goals Jan 22, 2020

The lifestyle you choose to live, causes the chaos inside your body.

The chaos causes you to remain stuck.

The chaos causes you to control others because you’ve lost control of yourself.

The chaos causes unwanted symptoms and can break down the body.

Don’t you remember...you chose the busy  life. You chose to be a professional working mom.  You chose to have kids. You chose to be part of a women’s network.  You chose to be a socialite – hosting & making an appearance at all the parties.  You chose to be a “soccer” mom.  

Anything wrong with these choices, HELL NO! 

But here’s the thing...if you’re not feeling bat shit crazy with everything you’ve chosen, then you’ve done it right!! 

But, most of us scoot around life with 87 items on our to-do list and 18 places to go within the next 3 hours.  And some of us, or most of us, go about ALL of this with a shitty attitude or a...

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