5 Reasons Why Working Mom's Can't Lose Wight & How to Fix It


5 Steps in Planning Your Digital Detox

time management Apr 22, 2020

“Set your phone down.” 

“Can you look at me when I’m talking to you or is the phone more important?”

“Why can’t you just switch it off?”

“Hello, I’m over here!!”

Sometimes good things in excess can be dangerous.

Can you even fathom the idea of not having a phone for the day?  No emails, no dings, no notifications. Writing about it sounds freeing but scary as hell! I mean, I’ll be so far behind if I don’t have a connection.  

You’ve probably heard and seen the multiple warnings to turn off your devices. If you’re like me you’ve rolled your eyes at the studies and at the people telling you. Devices have opened up the possibilities for communication, information at your fingertips, allows for quicker response times and prying into other people’s lives. HA!

Is it really that dangerous to stay connected to our devices 24/7?

The answer is a resounding YES.

The Effects...

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How to Set Boundaries as a Working Mom

mindset time management Apr 15, 2020

As driven professional working moms, we often fall prey to over-serving and over-delivering.  You get a high on accomplishing other people "To-Do's" but when it comes time for yourself you’re too tired, too overwhelmed and too depleted. 

I realize you are faced with constant tugs and sounds of desperate callings, "Mom, where are you?!!," or, "Can you help me?” or “Will you do this?" or  “Can you get me…??” This can even show up in your career in the form of unlimited text messages, emails, and long drawn out meetings. 

As a mom, manager or employee is your position to serve thy “organization.”   But, have you thought about by doing less you may be leading more? By creating boundaries you allow others to solve problems, become creative, effective and efficient. By creating boundaries you reduce the amount of time people crawl up into your space which helps to reduce your level of crankiness, frustration, and...

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How to Excel by Thinking Small

time management Mar 11, 2020

I’m going to be VP by the time I’m 40!

I'm going to lose 25 pounds in 60 days!

I’m going to complete an IronMan! 

I’m going to do a back-flip on my snowboard!  

All of these are 110% achievable, yet 99.9% of people who dream about doing extraordinary activities won’t actually make it past day one of trying to achieve the audaciousness.

So many amazing intentions, yet so little accomplishment. 

Many moons ago I became very intrigued with how the body operates because I was doing so many of the “right” things but still feel like sh*t?  I exercised, drank tons of water and ate the appropriate amounts of fruits and veggies yet I continued to suffer from brain fog, leaky gut, extreme fatigue, blah, blah, blah.  How could this be?

That started my quest of understanding how my body ticked.  I immediately was drawn to nutrition and holistic health. My mission wasn’t to become a doctor but was to self educate...

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Why are you spending so much time on this...

time management Mar 04, 2020

Why in the hell are you wasting so much time on looking at recipes??? Let’s face it….you’re never going to cook it!!  (I am 100% speaking from experience :)

There’s obviously nothing wrong with drooling at food on social media. My hubby & I are huge foodies and I love staring at food photos. But, in an effort to create space in my day for items which rank high on my priority list I started asking myself a serious question. “Am I really going to cook these dishes?”

Think about how much time you waste looking at “wishful thinking items” that will never materialize into a valuable outcome.  

I use recipes as an example because I’m totally guilty of this and I hear a lot of other moms doing the same thing.  I scroll through social media looking at recipes, my mouth starts watering, my stomach starts to growl, I save the social post in my “favorites,” hell I might even go as far as to type a few...

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How Time Suckers are like Vampires

time management Feb 26, 2020

Seriously Mary...you did it again!!!

Once again I side swiped my own dream by giving time to yet another person’s dream.  

I love helping people but there comes a point in your schedule where you have to draw a THICK line in the sand.  Why? Because people will chew up your time like Cookie Monster going in for the chocolate chip cookie kill!

Do you pause before saying yes or no to something or someone?  Or do you have a tendency to say “yes, yes, yes” or “I’ll just do it myself because I can do it faster and quite frankly better (wink, wink).”

Time and time again you prove to yourself that you can handle more because you continue to excel and you thrive in a stressful environment (I know, sounds sick but that’s just how we roll!)  You like to please others because you know you have what it takes to take on the project and KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. And let’s face it - doing “all things” gives you a...

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