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3 Tips to Boost Your Skin and Gut Health

gut health skincare Jun 23, 2021

Years of painful skin dermatitis on my hands was one of my first signs of poor gut health. Years of over the counter and prescription steroid creams never worked and left me feeling like my raw, irritated hands was something I’d have to deal with for life. Little did I know my dermatitis would disappear after I balanced my gut bacteria and rebuilt my gut lining. 

Before I was certified I didn’t realize the strong connection between the gut and skin. Now I understand that skin can be negatively impacted by poor gut health, chemicals, makeup, junk foods, stress, and more. These variables can cause many side effects, including acne, dryness, red marks, and even wrinkles.  

The skincare industry has us by every “wrinkle, cellulite bump, pimple, and dark spot.” It is a multi billion dollar industry with new potions coming on the market faster than my kids can run to the ice cream truck. The probiotic-packed skincare position even started cropping up...

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How to Get Clear Skin with Gut Friendly Products

gut health skincare Jun 09, 2021

The gut-skin connection. 

How much attention do you give your skin?

The money you pour into ageless potions and lotions adds up. I get it, I used to have a cabinet dedicated to my fountain of youth potions. 

It wasn’t until I focused on reviving my poor gut health did I start reducing the amount of products I lathered on my body. 

One key element I’ve learned in my gut health research is it’s not only about what you eat, but rather what you absorb. This comes to both skin and digestion. When you have a healthy gut you will obtain the skin-supporting nutrients vitamins A, C, E, K2, B3, B5 along with the minerals selenium, zinc, silica and sulfur and omega-3 fats.

The products you absorb through your skin also directly affect your microbiome. Personal care product effects last for weeks and produce highly individualized responses, including alterations in steroid and pheromone levels and in bacterial and archaeal ecosystem structure and dynamics. (1)


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