5 Signs You Have Hormone Imbalance

The Aunt Flow rage, PMS mood swings, and days where you love & hate everything at the same time is blamed on hormonal imbalance but what exactly does that mean?

Hormonal imbalance is one of those phrases commonly used by the medical community but often misinterpreted by someone without a medical degree.

It wasn’t until I was studying to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner did, I start to understand all the functions of hormones. And it wasn’t until I started my own journey of improving my gut health did I realize the negative impact of abnormal levels of hormones.

Hormonal imbalance can make you feel crazy. It can also be very frustrating if you’re on a path of becoming healthy and those results aren’t falling in place.

You don’t need a medical degree to have the basic understanding of hormonal imbalance. More importantly, you should be able to tell if you are having hormonal imbalance. There are five basic signs of hormonal imbalance. Once you know your hormones are not at their optimal levels, it is essential to seek professional help to avoid it from disrupting your life.

Consistent Weight Gain

Have you been dieting and exercising for months without consistent results? While there are many reasons for not obtaining results, if you are persistently gaining weight in spite of your efforts, you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Your metabolism dictates how much weight you lose and gain. When your hormones are imbalanced, it slows the ability of the body to metabolize, causing weight gain and fat storage in the belly.

You Become a Human Garbage Disposal

Do you feel like no matter what you eat, you just can’t feel full? You find yourself snacking endlessly hiding your calories, so you don’t feel shame. The need to eat can result from the imbalance of two hormones ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone that increases appetite and leptin is a hormone that decreases your appetite.  

A Less Than Sexy Sex Drive

Are you quick to fall asleep so your spouse doesn’t get into bed and try to make the hanky-panky? Sex provides a wide array of benefits but when you are suffering from hormonal imbalance you may lack the luster to ignite your fire under the sheets. This may be a result of the abnormal levels of estrogen, thyroid, and cortisol, which are all essential hormones in a woman’s body. 

Mood Swings

Rage, crying for no apparent reason, or people making you angry just walking into the room is an obvious and the most talked about sign of hormonal imbalance. Irritation and depression can ruin relationships, careers, and self love. Mood swings can result from your monthly cycle but can become more frequent if you are stuck in a state of hormonal imbalance.  


Do you lack energy even though you got plenty of sleep or feel drained without overexerting yourself? Fatigue is a common sign of hormonal imbalance. If you feel the need to take daily naps or lounge in bed you may have an imbalance in the stress hormone cortisol. Being under constant stress affects the levels of cortisol making you feel fatigued. Fatigue is also a result from the lack of sleep that you will most likely experience with continuous fluctuations and imbalances in your hormone levels. 

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