4 Ways to Plan Snacks

When you’re the household CEO it’s difficult to plan healthy meals as well as healthy snacks. If you caught my last blog post 8 Simple Belly Busting Snacks you know that snacks may be the missing ingredient to weight loss. 

Just as meal prepping can be extremely helpful in weight loss so can snack prepping. If you’re snack ill-prepared it can lead to grabbing handfuls of chocolate chips and countless dives into the peanut butter jar.

Before derailing yourself one more night, consider these methods of having healthy snacks ready to go when you or your family need a quick bite.

Balance Snacks Equally

Yin-Yang is an important concept in weight loss. When your circle of life is imbalanced you will experience symptoms like being unable to lose stubborn weight. When you crave salty it’s an indication of a mineral imbalance. When you crave sweets it’s an indication you need a source of energy. 

Plan out equal amounts of healthy salty and sweet snacks for the days you need to fulfill your mineral reserves or energy levels.  Granola or trail mix is a perfect salty-sweet snack.

Make To-Go Snack Options

What type of events are filling your schedule? Where are you going? Who are you seeing?

Do your snacks need to be in pre-packed grab-n-go containers or can they be in bulk?

For example, if you pre-make popcorn with your favorite toppings you may consider splitting the big batch in single serve bags instead of a big tub.

Snack Drawer Set-Up

Create a snack bin with all your single serve pre-made snacks. This allows you and the Fam to grab what you want, or grab a few different snacks, and go. It also gives you a place to keep multiple types of snacks for your different snack moods.

Consider Your Lifestyle 

Where do you spend the majority of your time? I find myself using my work bag frequently so I stack my bag with loads of snacks for those desperate moments. It’s rare I find myself heading to the vending machine, swinging through the drive-thru, or hungry enough looking for cafeteria scraps.

Stack your corporate bag, car, sports bag, and purse with your ready to go snacks. Make sure you pack your snacks according to your lifestyle (cold, hot, or something that lasts for days).

Family favorite Amazon snacks:


Protein bar


Wild chips

Nut butter

Trail mix 

Squash your cravings with ingredients that boost your energy and don’t leave you bloated and gassy.

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