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Sue S.

Before working with Mary I was tired, bloated and unhappy with my weight gain. I trusted her and dove in head first and did ALL the recommended testing.  To my surprise, I learned I had quite a few food sensitivities, discovered I had very low melatonin and to top it all off a parasite. Mary has guided me through preparing my gut to be at optimal working order before we hit it with an anti parasitic protocol. 

I’m 6 weeks into the protocol and feeling GREAT! I have more energy, sleeping better, lost 13 pounds and less bloating. 

I have learned so much from Mary and her program. If you’re looking to feel better and be your BEST self, this is your solution. 

Highly recommend! 5 STARS

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Erin E.

“I can’t believe how much better those simple little things have made me feel in just 2 days! I feel like my brain is exploding with awesome information. You couldn’t have suggested better things for me to do!”

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Jennifer D. 

“In the past job changes, I’ve gained 20 lbs and self medicated with food. My last two assignments, I’ve been able to focus on my wellness while still accomplishing my goals thanks to the support of Mary’s guidance and inspiration.”

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Jodie P.

Thank you, Mary for helping me stay motivated! I’m so much stronger than I was a year ago and love how it’s improved my biking and running capabilities!

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Sandra F.

What’s awesome about Mary is her dedication, leadership and humor!

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Jennifer R.

I love working with Mary because of her drive and determination!

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