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The 5 Day Healthy Family Meal Plan

Uncover simple steps on how to deliver healthy food into the bellies you love.
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I am going to be resilient, live my purpose, and honor my body's needs.  


A summary of why my work matters

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You were meant to feel healthy

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You were meant to operate at your peak performance

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You were meant to feel comfortable in your own skin

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Gut Health | Holistic Nutrition | Personal Development | Productivity

What I do...

I help working moms who crave to feel healthy & energized while trying to balance “all things.” I provide simple meal plans, gut health resources, holistic nutrition and personal development tools so they can focus on their priorities like self care, raising awesome kids and providing high value and influence.

I teach, guide and support you to:

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Eat, sleep, & drink based on your body's unique blueprint

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Understand exactly what your body is craving for optimal health

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Find balance to reduce symptoms caused by gut health imbalance

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Be committed when following your own holistic healing path 

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Include mental, social and career wellness


I'M Mary, 
A leading holistic nutrition & gut health expert teaching working moms how to become the healthiest, most successful people they know. I'm best known for providing healthy meal plans, gut health resources and no-nonsense mindset tools, while building my side hustle passion working as a full time Sales Director in Corporate America. My 1:1 VIP coaching and online programs have helped several working moms step out of “there’s no time for me,” to “I’m able to feel good & healthy while balancing it all.”
Mary Catalogna

Are you ready to work with me?

There are two main ways to work with me, self coaching and being coached. I recommend you do both.

If you want to learn...

how to ignite your best self in only 7 days, my exclusive self-paced program, you will join The 7 Day Wellness Blueprint, Learn more here-> 7 DAY. This gateway program will help you “light your ass on fire,” so you can discover what your body truly desires to feel healthy. 

If you want to be coached...

one-on-one because no matter how driven and committed you are you just can’t seem to make it happen, click here and schedule a free consultation session.  During this session we will discover if one on one coaching is the best investment for your needs. 

No other or programs even come close to helping you unlocking your best self. I look forward to working with you.

Questions? Let's chat.

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