8 Simple Belly Busting Snacks

Skipping meals, depriving, and cutting calories each day may be the WORST way to lose weight!

What if I told you, you may be the person who can lose weight on snacks? 

Yes, there are people who do well on mini meals!

If you live in a stressed-out body, tackling the constant chaos of corporate and household CEO, than you may be the body type which strives on mini meals.  

Mini meals/snacks keep your blood sugar stable. A stressed-out body craves the constant need for stabilization and energy.  

Here are some of my favorite go to snacks:

  • 14 cup raw seeds or nuts with 1 tsp of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
  • 1-2 Tablespoons sunflower seed butter, almond butter, hemp seed butter, or pumpkin seed butter mixed with ¼ scoop  vanilla collagen powder. Try Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Collagen or Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 1 sliced cucumber with sea salt + a dash of cayenne
  • Fresh figs + ½ cup coconut yogurt
  • 1 apple, 12 banana, 12 cup grapes, grapefruit, kiwi, orange, pear, persimmons, or tangerine
  • 12 avocado with sea salt + watercress + dandelion leaves
  • Raw veggie delight:  carrot, celery, cucumber, red pepper & 2 Tablespoons hummus
  • 14 cup of cultured veggies with 2 Tablespoons of dulse flakes - wonderful for your adrenals, thyroid, and metabolism, plus chock full of vitamins and minerals. This is SUPER for optimal digestion! When buying cultured/fermented veggies make sure the package states RAW, you usually find in the refrigerated section. 

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