Mary is a leading weight loss health coach teaching professional working moms how to lose the stubborn weight gain and increase their energy by improving their gut health. With my simple holistic resources it is possible to ditch the stretchy paints, painful belly bloat, sleepless nights, and teenage ache to focus on the fast-paced life demands. As a certified health coach from IIN & a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN), and a Fermentationist, I'm best known for providing straightforward weight loss news, belly bloat & gut reviving tips, and resources to help you stay consistent in rebuilding the happy you. My 1:1 VIP coaching, online programs, products, and functional lab testing has helped hundreds of overwhelmed women step out of “there’s no time for me,” to “I’m able to feel good while balancing it all.”
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How I went from overworked “yes mom” to helping busy professional moms regain their energy, happiness and health while trying to balance it all. 

Before there was professional career advancements. Before selling online coaching courses. Before completing endurance races. Before the professional leadership presentations and One-on-One coaching …there was a stressed out corporate “yes” mom.

Eager to please.

Desperate for approval.

Running herself ragged, tapping into her reserved and living off fumes.

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I didn’t have a smooth ride into professional development.

Being a women in the automotive industry can be lonely.  Being a woman in leadership in the automotive industry can be even lonelier. 

At the ripe age of 19, I was told I’d never make it a week in the auto industry.  At the ripe age of 32, I was told I should be a mom and skip the career advancement. 

The mindset shift into “ignite your own destiny” was anything but “energizing.”

When I finally gave myself a good ass kicking, I continued to find myself taking the windy roads, the wrong turns which lead to cliffs, and an immobilized state of “not smart enough” which made me literally sick. 

And when I finally did start to get a bit of traction in my professional mom career

… I quickly realized:

“I’m building the wrong freaking life”

The first few years were like a subdivision full of speed-bumps 

I didn’t land a corporate leadership position, start a side hustle, or finish in the top or my endurance races without atrocious crashes and burns. 

Every time I revved up my gears, I was impaired by exhaustion, digestion issues, family chaos, self-doubt, and the voice inside my working mom head that halted my road race because I sensed “not smart enough.”

  • Eighty-seven items on the “to-do” list
  • Never ending excel documents organizing the sh*t show
  • Excess amounts of sugar to fuel the extreme mental and physical fatigue
  • $$$$ spent on ongoing educational courses to feed my “empty brain tank”
  • Almost lost a career due to being extremely moody....surprised I didn’t lose more!
  • Lofty professional and personal goals never to be achieved
  • The “I deserve to eat & drink this…” to numb the feeling of “I’m not successful.”
  • Busy pleasing everyone else that I had nothing left to give at the end of day to myself.


And when I finally did get traction:

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Burning myself out with multi-tasking, being a socialite, and being the wife/employee/mom of the year gave me the right to call myself a “Super WoMOM.”

Honestly, it was the same square wheel I always found myself spinning no-where in. That dirty cycle of putting everyone's needs first and attending to my body's needs last.

So I took my foot off the brake and put the pedal to the metal.

I discovered that making an impact in my professional career, raising healthy successful kids and being happy with who I am was NOT at odds with helping others achieve their desired best self.

All of that in fact went together nicely like Hot Wheels on a Corvette Stingray.  So I learned how to dissect the glitches and trained myself to:

  • How to identify my roadblocks and become clear on my body's wholistic needs. 
  • How to create simple healthy habits for my mental & physical needs without disrupting my time schedule.
  • How to heal my body after killing it from too much stress from trying to be a Super WoMOM.

And after cracking the secret code...

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Start Strong

By building a strong foundation based on core desires (and not that of others) allows you to commit and to align goals with life priorities, develop habits for success and to take charge when faced with unforeseen challenges. 

Stay Resilient

I’ve shown busy professional moms how to stay resilient when it feels like you have fallen on your face - letting everyone down, including yourself. 

I’m able to do this, because I teach what I have experienced.  Not once, but over 1,000 times. 

Personal Experience

I teach what I’ve personally done to dig myself out of a steady decline in health including leaky gut, chronic pain, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, brain fog and more.


If lack time and want one less item on your "To-Do" list, get started now with The 5 Day Gut Health Challege "REVIVE in 5."

Click here to get started

Are you ready to take the action steps for feeling good, feeling healthy? 

I know you can do the work because you’re an overachiever. Probably a Type A(+). That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you’ve mapped out your goals, intentions and strategies in Excel 32+ times, You are waiting for the perfect moment to pound your chest and say, “I finally freaking did it!” 

 If you’re sick of feeling exhausted from serving others and not yourself, if you’re ready to break the cycle of diving into the wine and cookies every night, and if you’re sick of saying “I know what to do, I just can’t seem to do it.” then...

You’ve proven to yourself you’re ready to DO the right type of work.  The work that doesn't have you multitasking on the wrong activities, the work which allows you to FOCUS which leads to RESULTS.  

And of course feel fearless that all your efforts will lead to a BIG payout!

Ready to shift into overdrive and gain traction with your gut health goals without feeling overwhelmed? 

Start by taking a spin into one of my offerings

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Education Nerd

Engineering undergrad, MBA Masters, Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and gut health & lifestyle expert. 

Married to John

We wed in Thailand and I call him my Italian Thai Stallion. We LOVE food!

Our little terrors

Gabe - Who is difficult to talk to because he’s walking on his hands or doing flips.  #gymnasticsfreak 

Giovanni - Who loves to engage in hugs and is a Master Builder, Lego builder that is.

  1. Completed 9 marathons, 2 being the Boston Marathon and several ½ marathons (my favorite race distance - here is where I can kick some booty)
  2. Completed 2 ½ IronMan’s and several other distance triathlons. Almost died in the water during my first 70.3 race (God wanted me alive!) 
  3. Studied in Australia - best time of my life
  4. Struggled with orthorexia, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, leaky gut, & a parasite. I healed myself naturally through nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management and supplements. 
  5. Love golf
  6. A lot of people call me Nora 
  7. I love shaking my thang to electronic dance music
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