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6 Ways to Anti-Bloating When Consuming These Vegetables

gut health Jul 15, 2020

New cravings are awakened each season. The Summer months inspire us to eat loads of cooling foods like watermelon, ice cream, cucumbers, and salads (all types.) 

Unfortunately, most salads or veggie & dip platters are served with raw food. Raw food has many benefits but also can be difficult for some people to digest.

Raw food is actually rich in enzymes and vitamins. Most vegetables are easier on the digestive system than cooked food but there’s always an exception. Vegetables in the cruciferous family- cabbage, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower can make it very uncomfortable for people to digest which leads to the stomach bloat and smelly gas.  

The cruciferous vegetable family contains high levels of sulfur and fiber which make it difficult to escape the toots! You may wonder why broccoli is considered a superfood. When consumed, the sulfur actually acts as a little soldier fighting against harmful free radicals and providing a powerful detoxifying effect...

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Healthy Guacamole Plus 5 Creative Ingredients

gut health recipes Jul 08, 2020

An avocado almost took out my middle finger and not having a middle finger would be sad, ha! The numbness still reminds me of the reality horror flick but, the nightmares didn’t last long because weeks after the accident I went back to eating avocados #momstrong I just couldn’t give up the little green Goddess.

Avocados are one of my favorite healthy fats because it’s packed with vitamins, enzymes and fiber. The lack of digestive enzymes are one of the main contributors in gut health dysfunctions. When the gut lacks enzymes food particles are not broken down properly, nutrients aren’t absorbed, and food may be left to ferment and rot (let’s just say - stinky gas!) 

Lack of time is one of the biggest excuses why people don’t invest in their diet. That’s probably why my family has gotten accustomed to not making guacamole and eating avocados out of the shell with pink salt. Not to mention the store bought guacamole is loaded with...

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How Aloe Vera Powder Helps Gut Health

gut health Jul 01, 2020

Who knew aloe was an external and INTERNAL natural healing superpower plant. Not only does it soothe the skin after a sunburn, reduce dark spots but it also helps to relieve intestinal damage from oxidative stress. The enzymes, vitamins, acids, and other properties found in the aloe plant's gel help fight skin infection, reduce redness and external & internal inflammation.

The aloe has nourishing properties unparalleled by anything else in the plant world. It’s promotion of rapid cell regeneration helps to heal wounds, rashes, fungal infections (which are common in the gut) and all types of skin problems. 

Why Aloe Juice Works for Restoring Gut Health

As the Modern Day Mom continues to live in a chronic state of stress, she puts a tremendous amount of oxidative stress on her gut’s integrity. When the gut lining starts to break down the immune system is suppressed (70% of the immune system is housed in the gut), digestive enzymes stop releasing and nutrient...

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3 Best Teas for Gut Health

gut health Jun 24, 2020

3 Best Teas for Gut Health

I’m weird…

The taste and smell of coffee gag me! I’ve tried to love it but there’s something about it that I just can’t stomach. 

Unfortunately, I love wrapping my hands around a hot mug.

What I’ve learned in my gut healing journey is that tea helps to promote digestion. Tea also helps to relieve bloating or other digestive symptoms and can bring some instant sense of relief. 

Peppermint tea is my go to remedy for upset stomach, gas, bloating or simply helping the digestive process along. It provides quick refreshing relief and kicks in the sensory board. I also like to blend peppermint tea with other less yummy tasting herbs (like turmeric) to make them go down easier. 

Stress is a HUGE instigator of gut health deterioration. When you’re stressed your inner resources get diverted to deal with the lingering “threat” whether it’s real or perceived. The digestive enzymes stop working...

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How L-glutamine Repairs Gut Health

gut health Jun 17, 2020

How L-glutamine Repairs Gut Health 

I use to think feeling 4 months pregnant after every meal was normal. I mean, don't you feel bloated after most meals???

Then I finally got sick of feeling sick and started digging into the details.  Ah ha!  Belly bloat is NOT normal it is just an effect of being a Modern Day Mom.  You know, triple booked meetings, a jammed packed schedule with family & social activities, and too busy to focus on yourself.

So if bloating is not normal than what's the deal.  Bloating can be a symptom of gut dysbiosis - when your good and bad bacteria become unbalanced. Bloating is also a symptom of leaky gut.

I discovered L-glutamine while repairing my own gut and recommend it in my Restore Your Gut Health program. L-Glutamine helped me to heal my leaky gut, strengthen my digestive system and recover faster because this mama needs to be fast on her feet to keep up with her family and career!  

What is Glutamine?


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How Enzymes Help the Digestive System Function

gut health Jun 10, 2020

Why are people talking about digestive enzymes???

When I started my gut health education, the same two words kept popping up. 

*Digestive Enzymes*

Ok, so what's so important about enzymes and why did people continue to tell me I needed them to help me solve with my chronic bloating issues? 

The answer in part, for me, was digestive enzymes!  

How Enzymes Work

Our organs produce digestive enzymes and different enzymes work on different foods. There are specific enzymes for starches and carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 

We can also access enzymes from external sources like raw fruits, vegetables, cold pressed oils and raw dairy. Yet when these foods are heated, the enzymes quickly denature and our organs are forced to carry the whole load. This is stressful to our over worked bodies. Mostly humans have had access to a certain percentage of raw foods but in the last 50 years we’ve transitioned into a highly processed=cooked diet.  

Since I was...

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How to Improve Digestion with One Food

gut health Jun 03, 2020

Have you thought about how many ingredients you consume in one meal?

Let's reverse engineer a typical standard American meal:

- Pizza & Salad (if they're lucky)

Simple pizza includes: dough, cheese, sauce, and pepperoni. A simple salad may have lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and dressing. 

In that meal there's roughly 30+ ingredients!  Wowzers!  

There's a lot work your body has to do to break down and digest all those ingredients and that puts a lot of pressure and stress on your system. Remind you, a system who is already stressed out and begging for an easy way out.   

Centuries ago our ancestors ate what they could find and it usually consisted of one ingredient...a berry, an animal, a leaf. Our bodies have adapted along the way but when our systems are over taxed by life demands the digestive system appreciates simple, simple meals. 

A mono meal has been found to be extremely beneficial if you're dealing with gut health issues.  


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A Power Smoothie to Help Restore Gut Health

gut health May 27, 2020


Are you crashing and burning during the day?  You know, the point where you need a double shot of espresso, a sugar boost, or a run around the block to wake yourself up?

I get it...

When you roll out of bed and your feet hit the ground running, it's non-stop until the kids go to bed. You should be tired by 9pm, look at everything you accomplished! 

Most often there's a point during the morning or afternoon where you need a pick-me-up.  Whether you're faced with chronic fatigue or just sleepy from a toddler's rude awakening at 3am, consuming extra caffeine or sugar may not be the best option for long term wellness. 

Keeping your gut healthy and happy is one of the big secrets to good digestion, glowing skin and increased energy (DING-DING-DING!) 

I'm all for easy when it comes to reestablishing a healthy gut because the process can be frustrating and time consuming. Having a smoothie loaded with beneficial good...

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Avocado Oil Benefits and How to Use it

gut health May 20, 2020

Avocado Oil Benefits and How to Use it

Have you tried avocado oil?  We’re a household superfan! 

Avocado oil is a nutrient dense oil great for cooking, skin care and digestive health. Any product to help my gut health I’m all for! 

Benefits of using avocado oil:

Oleic acid - Oleic acid is a fatty acid good for the immune system and can withstand oxidation. This makes it last longer without going rancid and has the properties to withstanding high cooking temperatures. 

Vitamin E - An essential vitamin for healthy skin, hair and nails. Vitamin E helps prevent against the oxidative damage caused by free-radicals (aka, STRESS.) 

Digestion - Cold pressed avocado oil is rich in enzymes and healthy fats that help stimulate your body to repair itself and help to digest nutrients.  

A Few Simple Ways to Use Avocado Oil 

Homemade Mayonnaise 

1 egg

1 Cup avocado oil 

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

½ teaspoon...

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How to Boost the Immunity by Avoiding This

wellness May 13, 2020


In the day of avoiding global diseases, I get a lot of questions about, "How do I boost my immune system?"

Here's one simple trick...AVOID SUGAR! 

Oh no, she did not just say that! 

Unfortunately, I did.  UGH!

And yes, that includes alcohol.  DOUBLE WHAMMY! 

Even sugars from natural sources, such as fruit and honey, can cause sugar imbalances. Sugar, at the end of the day, is still sugar, even when there is some fiber in it, and even when it is a natural source of sugar. 

The Sugar Blues

  • Sugar inhibits the immune cells responsible for destroying pathogenic microorganisms (bad bacteria)
  • Sugar can knock out vitamin C from cell receptors
  • Having high blood sugar can mean less vitamin C from entering the cells
  • Excess sugar converts in fat

Craving for Sweetness

Try curbing your sweet tooth with a variety of non-sweet foods or a few of the lower sugar items listed below.

  • Maple syrup
  • Date sugar (raw dates)
  • Raw honey
  • Pure stevia 
  • ...
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