4 Tips to a Gut Friendly Reset

gut health Apr 14, 2021

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Depending on your state of health a “detox” can be helpful or harmful.

In our modern world of bleach wipes, whole foods genetically grown to resemble supersize, and convenient process food laced with chemicals to support our 100 mph face paced lifestyle, you are exposed to harmful toxins which can clog the body.

Your body was built to naturally detox harmful toxins. Unless you’re living in a secluded area and eating off a soil rich land your body is overexposed to levels of toxins. Things like chemicals, heavy metals, mold mycotoxins, environmental pollutants, pesticides, and more sneak into your life like a toddler at 2am 😊

Your detoxification organs – the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs were designed to suck up toxic waste. Think of them like a vacuum cleaner. When your vacuum is clogged with potato chip crumbs and breakfast leftovers its efficiency rate is extremely low. 

When your detox organs are clogged, they function at a minimum efficiency rate as well.

  • Liver detox includes supporting both phase I and phase II detox. Phase I involves oxidation, reduction, and hydrolysis of chemicals by specific enzymes. After this process, Phase II enzymes can then act on these chemicals, preparing them for removal from the body [1].
  • The kidneys detox excess water and waste from the blood
  • The digestive system removes dead cells, bacteria, and undigested food from the body.
  • The skin absorbs toxins though touch and can remove toxins through sweat.
  • The lungs are responsible for expelling toxins from mucus through our airways.

These organs need to be functioning optimally to eliminate the onslaught of toxins we are exposed to in the modern world. So here are some strategies to help you do a DIY detox that supports your body’s natural detoxification systems.

Reset #1


Glutathione is a key antioxidant naturally produced by the liver and can be consumed via supplements and whole foods. [2

Glutathione is involved in several functions in the body including detoxifying chemical carcinogens, environmental pollutants and pesticides, tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body and immune system.


Reset #2


Did you know many toxins you encounter are estrogenic which means they can mimic estrogen? No wonder people have ranging PMS!

Plastic food containers can release xenoestrogens and increase estrogen your body’s levels. When the body’s detoxification system is clogged it can’t clean out the excess estrogen and your left with hormone imbalance which can lead to mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, or other symptoms.   

DIM causes beneficial shift in balance of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone in men & women. If  you think you may have any estrogen-related challenges, talk to your practitioner about including DIM in your DIY detox.


Reset #3


Supplements: the most confusing topic in the health industry.

Three things I often see with my clients 1) They suffer from poor gut health and nutrients/supplements are not being absorbed and assimilated in their gut lining 2) They are taking the wrong type of supplements for their body’s needs 3) They consume poor quality supplements laced with fillers and products which fuel the body’s toxic levels.

Vitamin C, B1 and B6 deficiency may increase susceptibility to cadmium and lead toxicity. B1, in particular, has been found to decrease lead levels in the liver, kidneys, bones and blood. In addition, vitamin E combined with vitamin C were shown to reduce the negative effects of cadmium exposure [3]. Talk with your practitioner about taking the right type of vitamins for your body’s detox needs.

Reset #4


Probiotic supplements and probiotic rich foods contain living microorganisms that, when ingested, provide a health benefit (4)  They can crowd out unhealthy gut bacteria and help the gut to manage issues like dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance).

Probiotics increase the number of good bacteria which can detoxify your system and help you absorb nutrients more efficiently (5)  For example, several strains appear to exhibit protective effects against cadmium and lead toxicity. These include, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus and B. longum [6]. Supplementing with probiotics or making your own probiotic, lacto-fermented foods is a useful tool for detox.

BTW – not all probiotics are right for your unique gut blueprint. Set up a discovering call with me today to understand how reviewing your blood panel will provide you clues on where to start in restoring and reviving your gut health.

Be Gutsy as a Mother.


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