3 Steps to Reviving Your Gut Health Naturally

gut health Apr 21, 2021

In 2012 I started my gut restoration process and since 2019, I’ve helped countless of clients balance their gut health so they can reduce their chronic symptoms and feel “normal.” Because I get it, eating “different,” running to the bathroom in inappropriate times, or hiding the stomach bloat makes you feel embarrassed and like an outcast.    

To support your self-care efforts here are 3 steps in reviving your gut health naturally:

1) Chisel away your hidden stressors

Chronic stress on the gut is catabolic, it breaks the body down. Mental stress can promote consumption of highly palatable foods, influencing which gut bacteria thrive. Additionally, stress can reshape the gut bacteria’s composition through stress hormones, inflammation, and autonomic alterations. [1] Stress can also inflame or damage the microvilli which causes malabsorption.

Most often your current lifestyle activities are the root cause of poor gut health. By taking an honest assessment of your stress level you can uncover clues about what’s keeping you stuck.

Areas to review:

  • Career (happy? Gives you purpose? Flexibility?)
  • Family / Social life (Are you having fun?)
  • Finances (Do you feel broke?)
  • Food sensitivities, chemicals, toxins (Sensitivities are a stress to the body!)
  • Faith (When you don’t believe you won’t receive)
  • Creativity (Do you have an outlet?)
  • Health (Are you engaging in the right type of exercise and diet, and getting high-quality sleep?)

2) Remove the gut irritants

As an individual with your own unique gut blueprint your gut irritants may show up completely different than your neighbors. It’s important to understand your gut irritants so you can remove these from your system until your gut is revived. 

There’s basically 2 areas you should eliminate:

  • Processed, artificial, or inflammatory foods
  • Food sensitivities or intolerances

When it comes to food sensitivities or intolerance this is where your gut’s uniqueness comes into play. I’ve had all sorts of “normal” food show up on my high reactive list and I’ve seen the same on my client’s list as well.

Either way, be mindful of foods which usually land on the high inflammatory list:

  • Gluten
  • Sugar
  • Processed Crap (PC)
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Commercial Sauces
  • Alcohol or Soda
  • Industrial Seed Oils

Other foods to be cautious of:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • FODMAP foods
  • Nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes)
  • Yeast

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3) Revive Your Gut Garden

An inflamed stressed-out gut often coincides with gut dysbiosis, an imbalance of healthy vs bad gut bacteria. Think of the gut as a garden. When the weeds take over, the fruit & veggies can’t harvest. Once you clean out the weeds, fertilize the soil, and provide adequate amounts of sun and water, the garden will start to flourish.

Step 1 in gut weeding is removing the toxic bacteria, parasites, and yeast overgrowth. You can do this by following a personalized protocol which dismantles the harmful communities. Once you start disrupting their “parties” you can reseed your garden with good bacteria such as spore-based Bacillus subtilis, which can withstand the harsh digestive conditions in the gut. B. subtilis has been shown to improve the gut immune system, gut barrier, and the microbiome, while reducing inflammation. [2]

Two of my favorite reseeding probiotics include:

AmyMyers MD Primal Earth and MegaSporeBiotic use FIRST10 at checkout for a discount.

These 3 simple steps will start you on the road to gut reviving.

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