5 Reasons Why Working Mom's Can't Lose Wight & How to Fix It


How to Excel by Thinking Small

time management Mar 11, 2020

I’m going to be VP by the time I’m 40!

I'm going to lose 25 pounds in 60 days!

I’m going to complete an IronMan! 

I’m going to do a back-flip on my snowboard!  

All of these are 110% achievable, yet 99.9% of people who dream about doing extraordinary activities won’t actually make it past day one of trying to achieve the audaciousness.

So many amazing intentions, yet so little accomplishment. 

Many moons ago I became very intrigued with how the body operates because I was doing so many of the “right” things but still feel like sh*t?  I exercised, drank tons of water and ate the appropriate amounts of fruits and veggies yet I continued to suffer from brain fog, leaky gut, extreme fatigue, blah, blah, blah.  How could this be?

That started my quest of understanding how my body ticked.  I immediately was drawn to nutrition and holistic health. My mission wasn’t to become a doctor but was to self educate...

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Why are you spending so much time on this...

time management Mar 04, 2020

Why in the hell are you wasting so much time on looking at recipes??? Let’s face it….you’re never going to cook it!!  (I am 100% speaking from experience :)

There’s obviously nothing wrong with drooling at food on social media. My hubby & I are huge foodies and I love staring at food photos. But, in an effort to create space in my day for items which rank high on my priority list I started asking myself a serious question. “Am I really going to cook these dishes?”

Think about how much time you waste looking at “wishful thinking items” that will never materialize into a valuable outcome.  

I use recipes as an example because I’m totally guilty of this and I hear a lot of other moms doing the same thing.  I scroll through social media looking at recipes, my mouth starts watering, my stomach starts to growl, I save the social post in my “favorites,” hell I might even go as far as to type a few...

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How Time Suckers are like Vampires

time management Feb 26, 2020

Seriously Mary...you did it again!!!

Once again I side swiped my own dream by giving time to yet another person’s dream.  

I love helping people but there comes a point in your schedule where you have to draw a THICK line in the sand.  Why? Because people will chew up your time like Cookie Monster going in for the chocolate chip cookie kill!

Do you pause before saying yes or no to something or someone?  Or do you have a tendency to say “yes, yes, yes” or “I’ll just do it myself because I can do it faster and quite frankly better (wink, wink).”

Time and time again you prove to yourself that you can handle more because you continue to excel and you thrive in a stressful environment (I know, sounds sick but that’s just how we roll!)  You like to please others because you know you have what it takes to take on the project and KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. And let’s face it - doing “all things” gives you a...

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Mommy, You're So Fake

mindset Feb 19, 2020

Mommy, You’re So Fake


As a driven professional working mom you have many job titles and don’t get paid the big bucks for all your job responsibilities $$$ - well... the payment comes in different forms (staying positive here :) 

Imagine a business card, about 4 font.  Mine use to read, “Business Unit Director - Spouse - Gymnastics Mom - Basketball Mom - Lululemonista - Lunch Lady - Uber Driver - Handy Woman - Underwear Picker (you know - cuz the kids leave their underwear stuck in their pants) - Runner - Triathlete - Nutrition Freak - Wellness Coach - Snowboarded Chick - blahblahblah. My business card ran out of room for my extraordinary titles!! 

Can relate to the longest business card title EVER??? I believe one of our long titles should be published in the Guinness Book of World Records. Agree? 

The problem with this LONG title is I was giving myself a very confusing complex.  I found myself trying to fit the mold of every...

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"Fitting in" is Killing You

mindset Feb 12, 2020

The desire to “FIT IN” is killing you.

What do I mean by this?  The desire to “FIT IN” to your community, to your organization, to your circle of friends or the neighbors down the street, just might be killing you.

Killing your dreams or killing you physically and mentally.

Now, I’m not suggesting you give up your career, family or friends (although, some of them actually may be doing you more harm than good, lol!) 

Sometimes we mold our thoughts and actions around what everyone else is doing because it is easy or we brainwash our thoughts to believe, “that’s the right path.”  

How many times have you caught yourself saying in your profession, “Where am I? How did I get here? I don’t even like what I freaking do?” or  “This is sucking the life out of me.”

How many times have you caught yourself saying about your wellness, “Every time I eat “this” I feel like shit,...

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3 Daily Actions Which Invade Your Desires

mindset Feb 05, 2020

Can you relate to the 6 pm “Wine Call?  You know, where the glass of wine is calling your name. 

Or, can you relate to rolling out of bed with high expectations of knocking 101 items off our to-do list. (because you know your list dates back several years...you just keep reformatting it!)  Oh but today is different, you are 110% convinced you’ll finally get XYZ done!  

Unfortunately, 6 pm hits and we’re screaming for that glass of wine, we’re digging for the sleeve of cookies, and suddenly praying to God, “Please Lord, can’t the kid’s go to bed at 6:32 pm tonight?”  At this point of the day we want to give up, throw our hands in the air because we are at max capacity. 

And then it happens...you start to derail on EVERYTHING you set out to do at 6am. You’ve completely forgotten about your desires.  You become snappy, groochy, and don’t give a flying f*ck about the diet you signed up...

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What's the Purpose of Having a Purpose

goals Jan 22, 2020

The lifestyle you choose to live, causes the chaos inside your body.

The chaos causes you to remain stuck.

The chaos causes you to control others because you’ve lost control of yourself.

The chaos causes unwanted symptoms and can break down the body.

Don’t you remember...you chose the busy  life. You chose to be a professional working mom.  You chose to have kids. You chose to be part of a women’s network.  You chose to be a socialite – hosting & making an appearance at all the parties.  You chose to be a “soccer” mom.  

Anything wrong with these choices, HELL NO! 

But here’s the thing...if you’re not feeling bat shit crazy with everything you’ve chosen, then you’ve done it right!! 

But, most of us scoot around life with 87 items on our to-do list and 18 places to go within the next 3 hours.  And some of us, or most of us, go about ALL of this with a shitty attitude or a...

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How to get a Promotion with a Smile

mindset Jan 22, 2020

In the office, are you the “Negative Nelly” or “Joyful Joy?” Have you noticed you will either attract or repel people based on your attitude. You’ll also have to fight a lot less for the promotion if your mindset is full of positivity.  It’s true when you think and act positive thoughts, you attract positive events and people to your life; you become a happiness magnet.  This goes the same for negativity, it’s like a leech that won’t let go until torched off with a flame.

On my quest to heal myself naturally, and to deal with all the chaos of being a professional working mom I began reviewing what I was putting in my mind. I soon discovered it was a bunch of BS. No wonder I thought everything sucked.

The way I show up in the mornings is different than it was 5 years ago. How I talk to myself in the AM plays a huge role in how I show up for the world.

Affirmations are a simple, powerful way to keep you focused on the positive...

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How to Avoid the Morning Hangover!

wellness Jan 22, 2020

Do you lie awake at night, tossing and turning with billions of thoughts running through your head?  You just can’t seem to turn it off.  Each morning you roll out of bed feeling hangover simply because you slept like sh*t.

So, what do you do?  You turn to the very things which are known to interrupt your sleep patterns.  Items such as coffee, sugar, processed foods, and alcohol (got to get to sleep somehow). It’s a vicious cycle of “I need energy, I am tired, I need energy, I am tired.”

Your body repairs itself during the sleep phase.  Do you want to be more productive; do you want more endurance; do you want to avoid being the grouchy a-hole?  I’m hearing a lot of YES’, then you need to get your Zzzzz’s!!!!

The microbiome (aka gut) supports the way you sleep.  When you feed it with items which “mess it up” it gets confused and produces hormones which directly affect sleep. Studies are showing...

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How to Love Yourself Fat, Skinny & Everything In between. - Part 3

mindset Jan 22, 2020

I’m continuing my series on “How to Love Yourself Fat, Skinny & Everything In between.”  Part 1 & 2 were posted earlier.  I go into how to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and how to honor your body and love yourself through the power of affirmations.

In part 3 we will review how to eat intuitively while reconnecting with your body.

A diet full of quality calories will trump a diet full of no calories “aka - restriction.” Depriving yourself of food does NOT work.  I’ve seen it backfire with multiple clients as well as myself.  It causes binge eating and may even trigger negative thoughts that can lead to depression. “Diet” is a long-term lifestyle; it doesn’t mean you completely change your eating habits temporarily. “Diet” is simply whole natural foods which contain all the nutrients your body needs to stay thrive. Crash diets deprive your body of basic nutrients it needs to...

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