What's the Purpose of Having a Purpose

goals Jan 23, 2020

The lifestyle you choose to live, causes the chaos inside your body.

The chaos causes you to remain stuck.

The chaos causes you to control others because you’ve lost control of yourself.

The chaos causes unwanted symptoms and can break down the body.

Don’t you remember...you chose the busy  life. You chose to be a professional working mom.  You chose to have kids. You chose to be part of a women’s network.  You chose to be a socialite – hosting & making an appearance at all the parties.  You chose to be a “soccer” mom.  

Anything wrong with these choices, HELL NO! 

But here’s the thing...if you’re not feeling bat shit crazy with everything you’ve chosen, then you’ve done it right!! 

But, most of us scoot around life with 87 items on our to-do list and 18 places to go within the next 3 hours.  And some of us, or most of us, go about ALL of this with a shitty attitude or a blank stare. We’ve become mute to the chaos. 

Now, speaking from experience, I had to scale my life WAY back.   I especially had to scale back all the crazy ass thoughts in my head. In order to move forward with being a busy professional working mom who wanted/wants to advance in her career, who wants a side hustle to help others conquer audacious goals, who wants to compete in endurance races I needed to figure it out. 

You can’t move forward until you have removed your barriers.

You can’t gain momentum until you have simplified your list of meaningless items.

You can’t get unstuck until you have chiseled away your brick wall of resentment. 

To move forward you need to understand your purpose, your ambition in life. When you have a purpose, you have passion to act.  Peel back the exterior and dig deep for your purpose. Not your family’s purpose, not your corporate’s purpose, or Joe Smith down the street, YOUR PURPOSE. 

REV UP:  Ask yourself, “What can I be the best at?” The question is not, “What am I the best at?” This answer may provide you with your new direction in life. THINK ABOUT IT. 

Your #1 Goal Crushing Fan,



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