Mommy, You're So Fake

mindset Feb 19, 2020

Mommy, You’re So Fake


As a driven professional working mom you have many job titles and don’t get paid the big bucks for all your job responsibilities $$$ - well... the payment comes in different forms (staying positive here :) 

Imagine a business card, about 4 font.  Mine use to read, “Business Unit Director - Spouse - Gymnastics Mom - Basketball Mom - Lululemonista - Lunch Lady - Uber Driver - Handy Woman - Underwear Picker (you know - cuz the kids leave their underwear stuck in their pants) - Runner - Triathlete - Nutrition Freak - Wellness Coach - Snowboarded Chick - blahblahblah. My business card ran out of room for my extraordinary titles!! 

Can relate to the longest business card title EVER??? I believe one of our long titles should be published in the Guinness Book of World Records. Agree? 

The problem with this LONG title is I was giving myself a very confusing complex.  I found myself trying to fit the mold of every title and often felt the need to change my identity depending on which game face I was wearing. It was exhausting, unauthentic and depressing that I couldn’t be really good at ONE thing.   

A few years ago when I started diving deeper into self development I realized my game face layers were so thick I needed a damn chisel to even scratch my surface. You know what happens when you start picking your face - the sh*t ain’t pretty.  

Now listen, as driven women we have the desire to excel. And I'm not saying we can’t be “All Mighty Names,” but what I’ve learned is we need to throw the “Multi-Mom-Name Title” in the trash to excel and find joy in who we really WANT to be.  

It’s hard to be authentic if you continue to wear and hide behind so many faces.  It’s hard to take action, it’s hard to focus, it’s hard to love, it’s hard to teach, it’s hard to be a good person, etc.  Mistakes will happen, feelings till get hurt, depression will set in, you’ll start saying, “He/She is smarter than me, they can do it better.” or “I don’t have what it takes to…” Your body will become extremely toxic. 

What gave me FREEDOM was scaling it WAY back and focusing on my authentic self. (Ps: scaling it back didn’t mean I had to give up my job, spouse or kids, lol!) To help peel back my layers I had to determine who I really wanted to become….again, who I WANTED to become.  I also had to make sure my goals aligned with my future vision and authentic self. I had to join and stay committed to professional organizations and attend social events to create authentic connections and make myself visible in the areas I cared about. 

I’ve done a pretty damn good job over the past few years and have made significant progress. It’s a tough journey, lots of uncertainty, anger, tears, resentment, and confusion but once I hit IT - I felt like I was striking GOLD. 

REV UP: Determine your top 3 values.  For example mine are Passion, Courage, Persistence.  I align all my goals with these 3 values. If my goal doesn’t align I kick it to the curb so I can eliminate a game face and stay true to my authentic face. 

Your #1 Goal Crushing Fan!


Ps: I’m looking for driven professional working women to interview for an upcoming project.  Will you please message me if you are interested in the following? Excelling in your career OR have a bold personal goal OR have let yourself go due to life’s busy demands.

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