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How to Love Yourself Fat, Skinny & Everything In between. - Part 2

mindset Jan 22, 2020

I’m continuing my series on “How to Love Yourself Fat, Skinny & Everything In between.”  Part 1 was posted a week ago.  I go into how to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself.

 In part 2 we will look at strategies on how to honor your body and love yourself through the power of affirmations. This is a follow up to a blog I posted a few weeks ago “Why I Say 5 Affirmations Every Morning.”

Have you ever thought about the type of people and things you attract? Your mindset is as important as food when it comes to finding happiness. When you think positively, you attract positive things. You will become a happiness “magnet!”  On the other hand, having a negative approach towards life like dismissing yourself or emanating negative thought will attract bad things.  Don’t you agree that assholes attract assholes and at one point in their lives they affected by bad karma :)

Now more than ever do I believe...

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How to Head into the Day Feeling On-Track

wellness Jan 22, 2020

How to Head Into the Day Feeling On-track

Do you often feel frazzled 10 minutes after waking up? You check email and get anxious, you check the calendar and get anxious, ugh, so much to do, so little time.  Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. To help conquer the day try partaking in a morning ritual routine. 

  1. Plan the night before. (ok, I know it’s not a morning ritual) But, you have 2 choices: start your morning calm and pre-planned, or start by running around like a wild cat - pure chaos.  Before going to bed, set out your clothes (including workout clothes :) set out products you use, pack the essentials including lunch, and make sure your shoes have their match and are waiting by the door - YES!!! (please let me I’m not the only one)
  2. Wake up immediately. You snooze, you lose. Always wake up the instant you hear the alarm.  Five minutes of extra sleep is doing nothing but having you lie there wondering what you have to do. It also...
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How to Love Yourself Fat, Skinny & Everything In between. - Part 1

mindset Jan 22, 2020

This is going to sound weird…but when people say things like “You’re too skinny.” or “Why don’t you eat a piece of meat.” Or “You need some fat on your bones.”  I feel SUPER uncomfortable! Mainly because I really don’t know how to respond. 

I probably eat more times a day than the average person.  I probably consume more food in volume than the average person.  Yet, I’m constantly told I don’t eat enough, and I don’t know what sugar tastes like.  Um, HELLO – I’m human too!  Let’s set the record straight, I could easily sit down to a jar of peanut butter and chocolate chips and finish the whole jar if I made time to escape life long enough to do so, lol!

A healthy, toned body is a hard-won goal, and worth loving, but it can be hard to love yourself amidst an onslaught of critics trying to derail you. You can learn to love yourself and boost your self-esteem...

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How to Energize Your Morning Meetings

wellness Jan 22, 2020

How to Energize Your Morning Meetings

As a busy professional working mom it’s important to consume food every 2-3 hours to control our blood sugar.  If the body goes without food too long, it will add additional stress to the already stressed out body and start raising the hormone levels.

Since your chaotic lifestyle starts the minute you roll out of bed making a superfood breakfast bowl is a great way to calm your body before your schedule goes sideways.  Making a smoothie bowl is quite simple.  All you need is a blender, fruit, veggies, grains and a little liquid. Here are some healthy options for your next superfood breakfast. 

Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl

It may seem weird having a smoothie with pumpkin, but it actually contains the perfect texture and just enough sweetness to make this a filling and healthy breakfast bowl.

  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ banana
  • ½ cup pumpkin puree
  • ½ tsp allspice
  • Blend and serve in bowl. For toppings,...
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