Why are you spending so much time on this...

time management Mar 04, 2020

Why in the hell are you wasting so much time on looking at recipes??? Let’s face it….you’re never going to cook it!!  (I am 100% speaking from experience :)

There’s obviously nothing wrong with drooling at food on social media. My hubby & I are huge foodies and I love staring at food photos. But, in an effort to create space in my day for items which rank high on my priority list I started asking myself a serious question. “Am I really going to cook these dishes?”

Think about how much time you waste looking at “wishful thinking items” that will never materialize into a valuable outcome.  

I use recipes as an example because I’m totally guilty of this and I hear a lot of other moms doing the same thing.  I scroll through social media looking at recipes, my mouth starts watering, my stomach starts to growl, I save the social post in my “favorites,” hell I might even go as far as to type a few ingredients into our grocery list app. Can I get a “I do the same!!” comment below?

Because you deeply desire to whip up a 5 star SIMPLE TASTY HEALTHY meal that your whole family will praise you for, you fall victim to scrolling, saving, scrolling, saving, scrolling and saving.  The joy of taking time to view these delectable recipes is not the freaking problem.  

The problem is actually remembering you saved the damn recipe!!!  #momtruth

The problem is getting to the end of the day and actually wanting to cook.  #momtruth

The problem is giving a crap about much around dinner time due to reading & responding to 178 emails and 1,280, conversations. #momtruth  

Searching for recipes that you never make is like making empty promises. Are you REALLY going to make it?  This simple act may actually do some damage to your ego and cause unnecessary tension in your brain and body!   

Still craving a home cooked meal?

  • Hire a chef
  • Hire a babysitter at $10-$12 / hr to meal prep
  • Subscribe to a meal service

REV UP: What’s 1 thing you can eliminate which will create space in your brain so you can show up top notch in another area you’re craving?

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