How to Excel by Thinking Small

time management Mar 11, 2020

I’m going to be VP by the time I’m 40!

I'm going to lose 25 pounds in 60 days!

I’m going to complete an IronMan! 

I’m going to do a back-flip on my snowboard!  

All of these are 110% achievable, yet 99.9% of people who dream about doing extraordinary activities won’t actually make it past day one of trying to achieve the audaciousness.

So many amazing intentions, yet so little accomplishment. 

Many moons ago I became very intrigued with how the body operates because I was doing so many of the “right” things but still feel like sh*t?  I exercised, drank tons of water and ate the appropriate amounts of fruits and veggies yet I continued to suffer from brain fog, leaky gut, extreme fatigue, blah, blah, blah.  How could this be?

That started my quest of understanding how my body ticked.  I immediately was drawn to nutrition and holistic health. My mission wasn’t to become a doctor but was to self educate myself with books, podcasts, webinars, etc.   I instantly became hooked to the subject of “how & why does my body perform.” I started to think about medical school and quickly realized that’s really not what I wanted to do.  But, I did discover I was able to take several certification courses from the top nutrition and health schools in America without spending over $100k and 8 years of school. There was only one big problem.  When was I going to have time to take the certification courses? I had toddlers, a marriage, a social life, and I worked full the automotive industry!  

I knew if I wanted to complete certifications I would need to create space in my life for my priorities.  No doubt, my priorities are sometimes extremely odd to others :) But, because passion ran through my veins about this subject I couldn’t help myself but become extremely committed.   

And this is when I discovered how having a micro mindset is WAY more productive than thinking big!  

You can see results and accomplish an audacious goal without the overwhelm by doing micro tasks. I’ve successfully completed multiple courses and started a side hustle by doing 1 hard task everyday.  I prioritize it before all the easy BS - like making sure the kid’s sock match :) 

Micro Mindset ideas:

  • Career advancement: 
    • 1 leadership workshop per quarter
    • Online course
    • 1 leadership video per week
    • Ask your HR manager if you can lead a Resource Group or present at a Resource Group event
  • Wellness:
    • Drink a glass of water before drinking coffee! (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “drinking more water is a game changer!”)
    • Go for a 15 minute
    • Lift weights three days a week for 15 minutes (you don’t need to waste hours in the gym!)
    •  Swap a dirty carb for a veggie or complex carb
    • Listen to a podcast episode to get your mind out of the gutter

You don't need to go “all in” to see results. Instead of going on a “DIE-it” go on a micro fix. Instead of obtaining another bachelor's degree try researching courses which look just as good on your resume!  

REV UP: What is 1 tiny task you can do today which will snowball into a big result?  It’s time to set your big ass ego aside :)

Your #1 Goal Crushing Fan, 


Ps: I’m looking for driven professional working women to interview for an upcoming project.  Will you please message me if you are interested in the following? Excelling in your career OR have a bold personal goal OR have let yourself go due to life’s busy demands.

Pss: My 1 micro task I completed today was to write this blog...not 4 blogs, just this one :) 


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