How Time Suckers are like Vampires

time management Feb 26, 2020

Seriously did it again!!!

Once again I side swiped my own dream by giving time to yet another person’s dream.  

I love helping people but there comes a point in your schedule where you have to draw a THICK line in the sand.  Why? Because people will chew up your time like Cookie Monster going in for the chocolate chip cookie kill!

Do you pause before saying yes or no to something or someone?  Or do you have a tendency to say “yes, yes, yes” or “I’ll just do it myself because I can do it faster and quite frankly better (wink, wink).”

Time and time again you prove to yourself that you can handle more because you continue to excel and you thrive in a stressful environment (I know, sounds sick but that’s just how we roll!)  You like to please others because you know you have what it takes to take on the project and KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. And let’s face it - doing “all things” gives you a purpose and validates your existence. Dang Girl! 

When you get in the habit of saying yes to all things you start draining your system, you start tapping into your reserves, you start feeling symptoms of emptiness, exhaustion, bloat, gas, headaches, or allergies (yes, allergies)’s crazy how the body operates. 

When someone or something asks you to take on a new task and squeeze it into your triple booked schedule instead of saying yes right away (cuz, you know you’re a pleaser), pause, step back, look at your schedule, look at your day, look at your week, look at all the promises which you’ve already committed to. Cuz, it ain’t fair to leave your hubby & kids hanging every night! 

I’m 110% guilty of saying yes when I should have said no. Actually, I just did it last week!  Here’s the cool thing about where I’m at with coaching myself - I caught myself and recognized it RIGHT AWAY.  It wasn’t something I overlooked, I actually had a “What the F*ck, you need to be bold in your voice and say, not right now.” conversation with myself.  

If you are worried you’ll have FOMO or need continued proof for self worthiness, you’ll continue to push your own dreams aside. Let’s be real, if someone or something can’t wait for you, it wasn’t meant to be!!

By focusing your energy on the things that yield the most results, you will begin to experience momentum toward your goals.

REV UP: When attempting an audacious goal, develop NON-NEGOTIABLE tasks. When your calendar becomes full be honest and ask yourself, am I willing to give up my non-negotiable tasks for this “other” task/person, etc.?

Your #1 Goal Crushing Fan, 


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