How to Love Yourself Fat, Skinny & Everything In between. - Part 1

mindset Jan 22, 2020

This is going to sound weird…but when people say things like “You’re too skinny.” or “Why don’t you eat a piece of meat.” Or “You need some fat on your bones.”  I feel SUPER uncomfortable! Mainly because I really don’t know how to respond. 

I probably eat more times a day than the average person.  I probably consume more food in volume than the average person.  Yet, I’m constantly told I don’t eat enough, and I don’t know what sugar tastes like.  Um, HELLO – I’m human too!  Let’s set the record straight, I could easily sit down to a jar of peanut butter and chocolate chips and finish the whole jar if I made time to escape life long enough to do so, lol!

A healthy, toned body is a hard-won goal, and worth loving, but it can be hard to love yourself amidst an onslaught of critics trying to derail you. You can learn to love yourself and boost your self-esteem by letting go of limiting beliefs.

You can also learn to honor your body and love yourself through the power of affirmations and by eating with intuition, instead of counting calories (can I get a HELL YEAH!). This 4 part blog series will help you reconnect with your body, stop using food to fix your feelings, and find peace from emotions that leave you beating yourself up.  

Part 1: How to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself

How are you talking to yourself?  Being trained as a certified coach I’ve learned to really LISTEN to people.  What comes out of people’s mouth is damn right mean.  The things you say about yourself you would NEVER say to someone else.  “My arms flap, my butt jiggles, my thighs touch, I’m a beached whale, that dress would NEVER look good on me, etc.”  No wonder you don’t feel good about yourself!

Letting go of limiting beliefs and general negativity is SO important to supporting your mind. You will not feel good about yourself after you lose the weight, have 6-pack abs or even plastic surgery unless you love yourself the way you are today.

The following strategies will help you feel amazing in your own skin.

  • Saying to yourself, “I’m working towards my better self.”
  • Allow the transformation process to unfold with ugliness. Getting to where you want to be is not going to be easy or else, you’d already be there. Make the most of your journey and know there will be many peaks and valleys.
  • It’s not reality TV, know “real life” may be different than what you expected. Practice gratitude and be accepting.  
  • Set small goals instead of high expectations with deadlines. Be flexible yet assertive and allow yourself to breathe if you f*ck up.
  • There’s no ceiling – envision it!
  • Be flexible with your thoughts, choices, actions, behaviors or decisions. Learn to PIVOT if necessary!
  • Connect to your inner self instead of attaching yourself to superficial possessions and beauty. A smile is free and better looking ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • Stop worrying about what people think about you and your outlook; their opinions don’t pay your bills.  
  • Engage in a physical activity to release negative thoughts that are weighing you down. Ex. Running, kickboxing, HITT, hiking, yoga
  • Get rid of toxic people. PERIOD.
  • Practice self-compassion. Have empathy for yourself but be careful not to play the victim.
  • Laugh a lot and stop taking life too seriously; enjoy it!  (*this is where I need some serious focus!*)
  • Stare off fear because it leads to failure. “I can, I can, I freaking can!”
  • Write it down, talk it out, express your feelings and emotions to a close friend, partner or your journal; venting is a great way to release yourself.


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