What Physical Fitness Has To Do With Gut Health

gut health Jul 22, 2020

“Abs are made in the kitchen” and “a diverse gut flora is made in the gym.”

Say what?!

Exercise goes beyond muscle tone and torching calories. Exercise affects your whole body, including your gut. Did you know, professional athletes can show more of a diverse microbiome than their non-exercising counterparts of similar age and weight? Crazy, right? 

Moving your body helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which I like to reference as the Immune Transport System. It protects you against infection and disease by removing toxins, transporting healthy fats and maintaining a healthy circulation. I go into depth about detoxing the lymphatic system with exercise and skin dry brushing in my program Restore Your Gut Health Program. Exercise is highly effective in detoxing this system and has other benefits like boosting mood and cardiovascular health. 

Exercise helps gut flora by modulating it and increasing diversity. It’s key to have a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. Exercise also helps with detoxification and increasing oxygen levels which can help boost energy, a common issue with anyone trying to repair their digestion. When the powerful mood boosting effects of exercise meet those of a healthy microbiome we start feeling like we’re 21 again!  

But I get it….

The last thing you feel like doing when you’re bloated, gassy, or experiencing digestive distress is physical fitness. Well, I’m here to bust the myth that you need to run 10 miles to be really fit. Sometimes all your body needs to start the restoring process is a brisk walk, a swim, or your favorite 15 minute HITT workout. The most important thing is to move in a way that makes you want to continue the journey of moving. Just start and your body will start craving it.

Want to learn more about detoxifying the body? Check out my new comprehensive program Restore your Gut Health, click here for details-> RESTORE. In the program you get a ton of delicious satisfying recipes as well as strategies that will help rebuild your intestinal flora. 

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Cheers to a happy gut!



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