Top 4 Gut Health Areas to Focus On

gut health Jun 02, 2021

If you’re tired of dealing with your gut health conditions - gas, bloat, stomach pain, food sensitivities, brain fog, low immunity, aches & pains….the list is lengthy my friend and you’re feeling really confused on where to start here my top 4 places to focus. 

1. Get Your Gut Moving!

Your GI tract is the primary way your body gets rid of metabolic wastes and dangerous chemicals. If you are constipated, you are essentially poisoning yourself as the toxins are recirculating back into your body. Studies show that being constipated changes what microbes are dominant in your gut. (1) The microbes associated with pathogenic diseases take over your GI tract and release toxins. Get this drainage pathway moving regularly. This might even help you lose a few of those stubborn pounds!

2. Make Sure Your Liver Bile Duct Is Open

The liver bile duct is another drainage pathway you should keep flowing. One function of healthy gut bacteria is to take your bile salts and turn them into TUDCA. If you starve them of bile acids because your liver bile duct is blocked, they can’t produce it. A lack of TUDCA changes the microbiome and can activate other diseases. (13)

Taking TUDCA itself supports the duct cleanse. There are also herb combinations which support improved liver function and items like coffee enemas help open up the liver bile duct and purge toxins that are hampering your body.

3. Feed Your Friendly Gut Bacteria With Fiber

Friendly gut bacteria thrive on a diet full of fiber. Unfortunately, the PC (processed crap) American diet lacks a diet full of diverse fruits and vegetables. When you starve your gut bugs from fiber, they start to die. This creates a few things. One being, bacteria searching for food to eat and what they end up eating is your intestinal wall which starts to degrade the mucosal barrier in your GI tract. This not only harms your intestines but also leaves you open for infection from dangerous pathogens. (14) Eating a variety of vegetables and low sugar fruits keeps your friendly gut bugs satisfied!

4. Eat Fermented Foods

If your gut is in the right condition for fermented foods, it can be considered one of the best types of food on the planet. Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria which increase the health of your digestive system and enhance your immune system. Fermented foods aid in digestion and absorption, synthesis of nutrients, strengthens the gut lining improving immunity, and fermentation also helps to remove toxic compounds found in healthy foods! 

Types of fermented foods to try: Kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, kombucha, nut cheese, or yogurt

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