The One Ingredient Gut Detox

gut health health tips Sep 15, 2021

Gut health or detoxing doesn’t have to be hard, it can be as simple as 1 ingredient.

I first heard of mono eating from Fully Raw Kristina. She healed her hospital stricken body by consuming only fresh peaches for a week. Check her out here-> Top 3 Reasons to Eat 1 Fully Raw Mono-Meal a day.

Way back when our ancestors were running barefoot in search of food they didn’t have the convenience of making one of my #bigasssalads with 7 ingredients. Instead they ate from the ripest raspberry bush or the one animal they hunted. 

A mono meal is a snazzy way of saying, stuff yourself up on a meal that consists of ONE item. For example, cutting a watermelon in half, grabbing a spoon, and consuming it out of the core like it was a bowl. Eating four bananas or a big bowl of mashed sweet potatoes. 

The benefits of mono meals are to ease your digestive workload. If your gut is in overdrive from being over stressed by your lifestyle or is suffering from gut dysbiosis, you may need to give your gut a Sunday Funday Netflix & Chill kind of day. 

Mono meals remove the burden of your digestive system having to differentiate from an array of different substances which all require different enzymes. 

When I endurance race I focus on eating limited amounts of ingredients pre and post race. For instance pre-race it’s usually a banana followed by a banana mid race. If I need a long lasting boost I will grab nuts or seeds like these Health Warrior Bars which are loaded with primarily chia seeds (the endurance whole food).

When life in general has me feeling blah and fatigued I will do a day or two of mono meals. This simple meal will improve your digestive system and boost your energy without 6 cups of coffee or a trip to the candy bin.  

Combining starches, proteins, fats, and sugars can create a digestive burden which shows up as discomfort, gas and other pesky digestive issues. You can learn more about this in my Gut Revival program. 

When you take a break from complex meals, your organs have a chance to rejuvenate. Detoxification naturally happens at this point and you might find that when you go back to eating as usual, you digest your food better and have more energy. 

If you need a gut boost check out my comprehensive program Gut Revival. In the program you will receive 8 weeks of delicious satisfying recipes as well as strategies that will help revive your gut back to it’s old self. 

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