How to Jumpstart Your Holiday Weight Loss

Three simple smart moves to avoid the Halloween bloat->

  • Buy Halloween candy the day of at 50% off 
  • Buy Halloween candy which makes you gag like Wax Lips or Good & Plenty (hint: parents don’t want their kids acting like Chucky from Child's Play anyway)
  • Join my new program Gut Revival Holiday Edition

In a study funded by Yale University and the National Institutes of Health, it was found that high consumption of simple sugars could be affecting the composition of the gut microbiome. Sugar is also known to feed toxic gut bacteria and candida. When you create an environment of opportunistic bacteria you’re prone to symptoms associated with gut dysbiosis -> weight management issues, fatigue, digestive symptoms, headaches, skin issues, and more! 

Instead of stocking up on Halloween candy starting Oct. 1, try these Fall Superfood swaps so that you can avoid the Holiday weight gain.

Use Pumpkin in Cake Mixes

Pumpkin puree turns cake or cupcakes into just 2 ingredients. Pumpkin can replace all other ingredients you normally use, like oil and eggs. This trick blends well with spiced cake mix but don’t be afraid to experiment with vanilla or chocolate cake mixes. I’m a fan of Simple Mills mixes. 

Sweet Potatoes Instead of White Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are my favorite food group, ha! White mashed potatoes tend to be a savory Fam favorite dish. When mixed with the classic inflammatory ingredients (butter and milk - can be inflammatory for people with poor gut health) this simple side is not very nutritious. Sweet potatoes are lower in calories and carbohydrates, higher in vitamin A, an antioxidant that boosts immunity and helps you maintain healthy skin and vision. Serve up stuffed sweet potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, or sweet potato soup (with coconut milk).

Quinoa Instead of Rice

Quinoa possesses potential prebiotic effects.(1) Prebiotics are a form of dietary fiber that feed the “friendly” bacteria in your gut. This allows your gut bacteria to produce nutrients for your colon cells, which leads to a healthier digestive system (2). Quinoa is considered a superfood, so it is the perfect alternative when you want to have a rice dish. You can make a harvest quinoa side dish with squash, pumpkin, and spices. This will accompany chicken or turkey seasoned with fresh sage.

If you’ve already promised yourself this would be the holiday season where you avoid the 12 lb turkey weight gain then join me in my 4-week Gut Revival Holiday Edition. I’m opening up the program now in hopes you avoid the post holiday gut rot. For details click here-> HOLIDAYS

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