How Enzymes Help the Digestive System Function

gut health Jun 10, 2020

Why are people talking about digestive enzymes???

When I started my gut health education, the same two words kept popping up. 

*Digestive Enzymes*

Ok, so what's so important about enzymes and why did people continue to tell me I needed them to help me solve with my chronic bloating issues? 

The answer in part, for me, was digestive enzymes!  

How Enzymes Work

Our organs produce digestive enzymes and different enzymes work on different foods. There are specific enzymes for starches and carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 

We can also access enzymes from external sources like raw fruits, vegetables, cold pressed oils and raw dairy. Yet when these foods are heated, the enzymes quickly denature and our organs are forced to carry the whole load. This is stressful to our over worked bodies. Mostly humans have had access to a certain percentage of raw foods but in the last 50 years we’ve transitioned into a highly processed=cooked diet.  

Since I was desperate for relief I quickly introduced digestive enzyme supplements and starting eating more raw foods. Between the enzyme support and the other items I was doing to restore my gut health I slowly but surly went from bloated and uncomfortable to energized and light.

Digestive enzymes were a simple addition which help me repair my gut health, break down and easily assimilate my food. When your body has to pour all it’s resources into breaking down the food you’re eating, there isn’t much space left for anything else.

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Cheers to a happy gut!

Your #1 Working Mom Fan!

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