8 Tips to Staying Healthy

health tips Apr 01, 2020

Within minutes your job title became Professional Working Homeschooling Super WoMOM. 

Our entire worlds were turned upside down when my hubby and I received the news our schools were closing through mid April.  There is so much uncertainty and we’re not confident school will go back in session before the next school year! Thinking about the unknown sends chills up my spine and plagues me with a lingering headache. 

I’ve connected with my Super WoMOM community because I know we are all feeling the same - overwhelmed, stressed out, scared, nervous, and encountering random symptoms - aka headaches, craving, anxiety...list goes on. 

The coronavirus is not only affecting you physically but mentally and emotionally. You see the panic, you feel the panic, and are confused and conflicted. 

On a regular day you're dealing with a hectic lifestyle that looks something like ripping the kids outta bed hoping they run out the door with pants,  tripled booked meetings, a few bites of lunch during a working meeting, ubering the kids to after school activities and ending with a liquid dinner :) On top of all that now you have to figure out this pandemic.  

During this “Season of Chaos,” the body will get out of whack and may be susceptible to illness. You will need to remain healthy help fight off the Star Wars of germs pegging you in the face. 

I prep 365 days a year for this crap because I hate being sidelined by illness.  Here’s 8 of my favorite tips to strengthen the immune system. 

  1. Ingest healthy bacteria (aka probiotics).  Antibacterial soaps, wipes, hand sanitizers kill germs - all germs - good and bad.   Create balance by taking a high quality probiotic. Need recommendations? View my favorite under “digestive support” here -> https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/mcatalogna
  2. Limit SUGAR.  Process junk food packed with sugar feeds the bad bacteria, it helps the bacteria multiply like little Gremlins. Replace your favorite sugar snacks with sweet whole foods like fruit, carrots, almonds, yams, or maple syrup. (Yes, we have the power to raise healthy kids too!)
  3. Drink sufficient amounts of water. Water helps transport the white blood cells and other immune system cells you need to stave off illness. 
  4. Get QUALITY sleep.  The body repairs itself while you’re catching the ZZZ’s. Prolonged fatigue prevents your body from fighting off illnesses. 
  5. Chew on garlic.  Coronavirus or bad breath?  I’ll take bad breath. Spices like onions, ginger and garlic have components that can strengthen the immune system. 
  6. Relax. WAY easier said than done.  Try micro breaks like a 1 minute breathing exercise or a 5 minute meditation practice.  I meditated for 1 minute, 39 seconds the other day and it felt great. (I strive to be an overachiever, lol!) 
  7. Exercise…even if it’s a 15 minute walk. Fresh air, sun on your face, natural vitamin D.  It sounds amazing, enough said. #beachbound 
  8. Laugh!  The old adage “laughter is the best medicine,”  be willing to test it out. Depression and a negative outlook have been linked to a variety of illnesses. 

No guarantees these tips will help but, I personally will not go down without a fight. 

REV UP: Choose ONE tip and schedule it in your smartphone calendar today! 

#1 Mom Saving Tip Fan, 


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