5 Tips for Anxiety Relief

health tips wellness Apr 08, 2020

Kids screaming...“MOM, MOM, MOM!”

Phone notifications…”Ding, Buzz, Ding, Buzz”

Relationship demands, Career demands, Self Doubt and NO time for thyself.

These are the daily sounds and thoughts you hear and feel as a working mom. 

In the era of wearing multiple hats, you stretch your ability to feel like you’re succeeding in all areas of your life.  No matter how you divide your time you still feel like you’re failing at something, or with someone or with yourself. 

These feelings compile into stress - actually, distress.  Whether it is mental, physical, or chemical, chronic distress can be extremely destructive.  When you continue to ignore the constant distress of life the hidden stressors can boil up in your body and have a massive explosion.  It will show up differently for everyone but it can show up in the signs of weight gain, allergies, headaches, depression, mood swings, reduced immune system...the list is lengthy.  

Personally, my symptoms lie in my gut. Stress has affected my gut all the way back when I was 5! When my gut flares, it’s a sure sign that I need to “tone it down a notch.”

Beyond the obvious stress reduction activities like eating a healthy diet, getting some physical exercise, engaging in coping mechanisms like yoga, meditation, and herbal supplements, I want to provide you with a few simple action items you can implement today to help reduce your stress symptoms and provide anxiety relief. 

5 tips to bring yourself back to a relatable level:

  1. Engage in a good ol’ belly laugh. According to the Mayo Clinic: laughing has short & long term effects on stress. It lightens your load mentally and physically. 
    • I got on the phone with a good friend and by the end of the call we had tears of laughter rolling down our face about kids losing their new shoes in mud from having a non-sod yard (story in video above.)  After the call I INSTANTLY felt happier!
  2. Talk to yourself like no one is watching. 
    • A not so nice self pep talk is exactly what I need to get myself out of a funk. I'm a sarcastic person.  I may show up like, "B*tch, quit feeling sorry for yourself, just go after it.” (not the best medical advice, but it works for me). Having a pep talk gets me going and gets me results. When I have results, I feel less stressed - it’s an instant sign of relief. 
  3. Engage in a challenge
    • Having an accountability partner or group  helps to take the pressure off and also encourages you to participate in an activity which you have pushed off.  The longer you push it off the longer the anxiety builds around doing the activity. Let it go or Go for it!
  4. Turn off the negativity
    • Negative messages consumed consciously or subconsciously will swallow your mindset. It’s like a  big ball of twine that keeps building and building until one day you’re that person that no one wants to be around, “Negative Nelly.”   Limit the amount of negative information that goes into your brain. It may cause you to let go of a friend, a radio station or your favorite news channel but, it’s worth it.  
  5. Limit the notifications. 
    • The constant phone dings/buzzes stress me out!  My brian has a hard time focusing when my phone and computer notification are blowing up. I get irritated and find myself at a loss for productivity.  Turn off all your notifications and find a few pockets of time throughout the day to check your favorite apps, personal email or chats. 

Cheers to a stress free minute!

Love Your #1 Stress Free Fan,


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