The 5 Day Healthy Family Meal Plan

Are you seeking a doable healthy family meal plan with specification directions? Well then, this meal plan is right for you!  If you feel overwhelmed with thinking about what to eat and what to buy, I've place my favorite tips all in this guide! 

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Download this working mom meal guide now to uncover the step-by-step details on how to get healthy meals into the bellies you love. Including:

  • Why meal planning will help you equalize your work life balance 
  • How to get healthy results while cheating the system
  • How to use Amazon to cut down the meal planning overwhelm

Hi there! I'm Mary Catalogna. 

I coach busy working moms who secretly yearn for balance, peace and self care while while managing through the high expectations of life. I provide tools on how to reduce the overwhelm so they can focus on their mental and physical well-being while raising awesome kids and providing high value and influence to their organization.  

I help by teaching what I’ve personally done to get promoted in corporate while raising a family, to run a side hustle business while raising a family and having a full-time career, and to complete crazy personal achievements like IronMan races while not knowing how to swim. I'm a nerd for knowledge and have learned through my mechanical engineering degree, masters in business degree, and wellness certifications from the top schools in America. 

You know you've cracked the code on success, when you've fallen 1,000+ times and still get back up swinging because your passion is so deep.  


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